Dec 3rd 2019

We are proud to say that we can now finally accept online paypal donations!
This is a huge step for us as a small ngo.
We hope that it will make donating so much easier for our supporters and will help us to grow our project.
Our future is bright and it is thanks to our generous supporters.
Stay tuned for further updates.

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June 1, 2019

We are proud to be featured in Shado magazine to know that others are interested in hearing about our project. Read what Harriet wrote about why she started the project.

Visit the website:


June 9, 2019

We are now looking for passionate people to join our project by becoming ambassadors in their home country to promote the work that we do and raise awareness and much needed funds. Please get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about how you can get involved.

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June 9, 2019

Are you visiting Uganda and wondering how you can help?

If you have space in your suitcase there are many items that the project and the girls we help would be very greatly for.

Such as new underwear, wash cloths, school supplies etc.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know what items we need and how you can help and make your travels more meaningful.


How has Covid19 effected Happy Girls Project?

16th April 2020.

Hello everyone.
As you all know we are in a pandemic which is effecting everyone the world over including us here at the Happy Girls Project.
Normally at this time of year we would be well on our way to have distributed pads to many girls at school in the local Lake Bunyonyi area.
All our reusable sanitary pads are made by local women. We buy and source the materials ourselves, have them made and then distribute them to the schools.
The schools we visit are rural and the girls are often from poor disadvantaged families. Having appropriate period protection is a luxury here. They simply cannot afford sanitary products which in turn makes attending their studies at school difficult. 
Can you imagine attending school knowing you do not have appropriate wear and the risk of leakage and embarrassment is ever present ?
You simply would stay home on your period days, some girls may even drop out of school and resort to getting married at a young age. This could lead to their unhappiness, being subjected to suffering and low self esteem for life.
Getting an education can make the world of a difference to their life and future. 
A simple thing like having access to appropriated period sanitary products truly can help a girl to succeed in her future.

Unfortunately due to Covid19 our Happy Girls project craft shop where we source most of our income for the project has had to be closed.
With no more tourists coming to the area and this time of year generally being our busy season where we would make some good money it has meant that our project like so many others are being impacted.
We had big plans for this year and the progression of our humble little project.
For the beginning of term in February due to all the kind donations we received over Christmas we were able to distribute pads to around100 girls in two different schools in the area before they were closed.
Not only did we supply them with our usual 3 x reusable sanitary pads but we were also able to provide them with a little period care package thanks to some donations we had received.
This included the pads, a wash cloth and some underwear.
I want to thank everyone so much for their kind donations and those that have been supporting our project all along.
It is thanks to your support how we have been able to help so many girls. 
I am appealing to everyone to keep helping in raising money so that we can make more pads during this pandemic and by the time girls return to school we will be able to supply them.
You can donate through our link here via Olycash and find out how else you can help us:

Every little counts!
We understand if you do not have the means to donate now.
Please share our project to make others aware and interact on our social media pages both Facebook and Instagram.

Stay safe everyone.